President appoints seven ministers


New president, Mohamed Waheed, has made a number of new appointments to his Cabinet, drawing from all political parties in an attempt to create a government of national unity.

The president replaced former president Mohamed Nasheed on Tuesday after a reported coup. The former president is now demanding fresh elections, but the new president (he was Vice President) is saying that they are not necessary and that the former president was autocratic and self serving.

There have been continued protests on the streets of the capital and the former president has defied the authorities and held walkabouts. Nevertheless, it looks as though the new president is determined to move on with his national unity Cabinet of which the following are the new members:

Azima Shakoor Attorney General of Maldives
Mohamed Husain Sharif Mundu Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports
Ahmed Jamshed Minister for Health and Family
Ahmed Mohamed Minister for Economic Development
Ahmed Shamshed Minister for Transport and Communication
Ahmed Adheeb Minister for Tourism
Asim Ahmed Minister of Education
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