President Bachelet names new Cabinet


This morning President Michelle Bachelet named her new Cabinet after dismissing her old Cabinet last week. In reality she has made nine changes, but it has moved the thrust of her Cabinet more to the centre from the centre-left and probably means the toning down of reforms.

The Cabinet changes come after a series of scandals including her son as well as a perception that a number of Cabinet Ministers were underperforming. A poll last week suggested that only 29% think that she is doing a good job and 52% believed that corruption was worse than a decade ago. That reflects markedly on her first term in office between 2006 and 2010 when she left with an 85% approval rating.

The full list of the new Cabinet as compiled from various sources is as follows:

Jorge Burgos; Minister of Interior and Public Security

Heraldo Muñoz; Minister of Foreign Affairs

José Antonio Gómez; Minister of National Defence

Rodrigo Valdés; Minister of Finance

Jorge Insunza; Minister of General Secretariat of Presidency

Marcelo Díaz; Minister of General Secretariat of Government

Luis Felipe Céspedes; Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism

Marcos Barraza; Minister of Social Development

Nicolás Eyzaguirre; Minister of Education

Javiera Blanco; Minister of Justice

Ximena Rincón; Minister of Labour and Social Forecast

Alberto Undurraga; Minister of Public Works

Andrés Gómez-Lobo; Minister of Transport and Communications

Carmen Castillo; Minister of Health

Paulina Saball; Minister of Housing and Urban Planning

Víctor Osorio; Minister of National Assets

Carlos Furche; Minister of Agriculture

Aurora Williams; Minister of Mining

Máximo Pacheco; Minister of Energy

Claudia Pascual; Minister of National Women’s Service

Ernesto Ottone; Minister of Culture

Pablo Badenier; Minister of Environment

Natalia Riffo; Minister of Sports

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