President Bachelet to reshuffle whole Cabinet within 72 hours


President Michelle Bachelet has asked her entire Cabinet to resign their portfolios pending a Cabinet reshuffle which will take place within 72 hours.

The President revealed the decision on a Channel 13 interview last night, saying “I have asked the ministers to continue working hard until the decision as to who goes and who continues is made.”

Support for the President’s government has been tumbling in recent months after a series of scandals and poor handling of policies. Support for Interior Minister Rodrigo Peñailillo fell from 56% in January to 42% in April with 54% disapproving. Labour Minister Javiera Blanco has also seen his approval rating fall from 62% in March to 52% in April. Of the remaining Ministers eleven have approval ratings of less than 50% and nine have higher disapproval than approval ratings.

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