President Bashir completes major reshuffle


President Omar al-Bashir completed a major reshuffle of his government last week.

The President’s own party, the National Congress Party (NCP) has retained 17 key ministries, handing down largely service based ministries to its partners in government.

Cabinet ministers in Presidential Affairs, Finance, Foregn Affairs, Defence and the Interior remain the same. The newcomer Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) joins fourteen other small parties in sharing portfolios. The DUP has taken the Cabinet Affairs, Commerce and Youth & Sports portfolios.

In total sixty new ministers were sworn in on Saturday, although there are some appointments still to be made including a Minister for health.

The full list of ministers as published by the government is as follows:

Federal Ministers  
Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih Minister of the Presidency
Ahmed Sa’ad Omer Minister of the Council of Ministers
Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohammed Hussein Minister of Defence
Engineer Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid Minister of Interior
Ali Ahmed Karti Foreign Minister
Mohammed Bushara Doasa Minister of Justice
Engineer Abdalla Masar Minister of Information
Ishraqa Sayed Mahmoud Minister of International Cooperation
Ali Mahmoud Abdul-Rasul Minister of Finance & National Economy
Abdul-Haleem Ismail Al-Mutaafi Minister of Agriculture & Irrigation
Abdul-Wahab Mohammed Osman Minister of Industry
Awad Ahmed Al-Gaz Minister of Oil
Osman Omer Al-Sharef Minister of Trade
Dr Faisal Hassan Ibrahim Minister of Animal Resources & Fisheries
Saif-Eddin Hamad Abdalla Minister of Water Resources
Dr Ahmed Babiker Nahar Minister of Roads &Transport and Bridge
Osama Abdalla Mohammed Minister of Electricity & Dams
Kamal Abdul-Latif Abdul-Rahim Minister of Minerals
Hassan Mohammed Hilal Minister of Physical Development and Forestry
Ghazi Al-Sidiq Abdul-Rahim Minister of Tourism & Antiquities and Wildlife
Suad Abdul-Raziq Minister of Education
Dr Khamis Kago Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Mrs. Amira Al-Fadhil Minister of Welfare and Social Security
Abdeen Mohammed Sharef Minister Development of Resources
Dr Farah Mustafa Minister of Labor
Al-Samuel Khalafalla Minister of Culture
Dr Khalil Abdalla Minister of Guidance and Endowment
Al-Fatih Tajal-Sir Minister of Youth and Sports
Mohammed Abdul-Karim Minister of Communications and Information Technology
Ministers of State  
Iddris Mohammed Abdul-Gadir State Minister for Presidency
Dr Amin Hassan Omer State for Presidency
Dr Mohammed Al-Mukhtar Hassan State Minister at Council of Ministers
Babiker Ahmed Al-Amin State Minister for Interior
Salah Wanasi State Minister for Foreign Affairs
Dr Mansour Yousif Al-Aagab State Minister for Foreign Affairs
Hassan Mohammed Mukhtar State Minister for Justice
Sana Hamad Al-Awad State Minister for Information
Ahmed Karmano Ahmed State Minister for International Cooperation
Dr Abdul-Rahman Mohammed Derar State Minister for Finance and National Economy
Magdi Hassan Yassin State Minister for Finance and National Economy
Ga’afer Mohammed Abdalla State Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation
Isaac Adam Bashir State Minister for Oil
D Fadhl Abdal Fadhl State Minister for Trade
Dr Mabruk Mubarak Saleem State Minister for Animal Resources and Fisheries
Engineer Faisal Hamad Abdalla State Minister for Transport and Roads
Al-Sadiq Mohammed Ali State Minister for Electricity and Dams
Tabita Butrus State Minister for Electricity and Dams
Ibdul-Wahi Yousif Ibrahim State Minister for Minerals
Ali Mohammed Musa Tauer State Minister for Education
Dr Ahmed Al-Tayyeb Ahmed State Minister for Higher Education
Siraj Ali Hamid State Minister for Guidance and Endowment
Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim Minister for Welfare and Social Security
Ustaza Hiba Mahmoud Sadiq State Minister for Human Resources Development
Mustafa Mohammed Tirab State Minister for Culture
Amena Mohammed Salih Derar State Minister for Labor
Mahjoub Abdul-Rahim Tutu State Minister for Youth and Sport
Adam Abdalla Al-Nur State Minister for Environment and Forestry
Issa Daifalla Abdul-Razeq State Minister for Tourism and Antiquities
Azza Omer Awad Al-Karem State Minister for Communications and Information Technology
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