President dismisses three Ministers


Following on from the attempted coup d’etat last week President Pierre Nkurunziza has dismissed three of his most senior Ministers.

Minister of Defence Pontian Gaciyubwenge has been replaced by Emmanuel Ntahonvukiye.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Kavakure has been replaced by Alain Aime Nyamitwe.

Minister of Trade Virginia Ciza has been replaced by Irina Inantore.

The Defence Minister is reported to have failed to carry out the President’s orders during the coup whilst the Foreign Minister is believed to have failed to explain to the international community why the President is standing for a third term in office despite a two term rule in the constitution. The trade minister was said to have been sacked for failing to manage a shortage of petroleum products.

Meanwhile the international community continues to put pressure on the President not to stand for a third term and to delay next month’s presidential election.

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