President Faure reshuffles Cabinet


Following his recent elevation to president, Danny Faure has carried out a reshuffle of his Cabinet.

The official press release giving the changes as published on the State House website is as follows:

“President Danny Faure Announces the Reshuffling of Cabinet of Ministers during First Cabinet Meeting

Sat, 29 October 2016

President Danny Faure held the first Cabinet meeting at State House this morning. During his address in the presence of all Cabinet members and senior officials of the Office of the President, President Faure announced the respective portfolios.

Together with the President and the Vice-President, the following ministers will form the Cabinet:

Danny Faure President and also holds Public Administration, Legal Affairs, Defence and Foreign Affairs
Vincent Meriton Vice-President and also holds Information, Blue Economy, Investment and Industry,
Information Communication,  Technology (ICT), Risk and Disaster Management,
Religious Affairs and Civil Society, and Inner and Outer Islands
Jean-Paul Adam Minister for Health and Social Affairs
Joel Morgan Minister for Education and Human Resource Development
Idith Alexander Minister for Youth, Sports & Culture
Alain Ste. Ange Minister for Tourism, Aviation, Port and Marine
Michael Benstrong Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture
Didier Dogley Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change
Charles Bastienne Minister for Habit, Infrastructure and Land Transport
Mitcy Larue Minister for Internal Affairs
Macsuzy Mondon Minister for Local Government
Dr. Peter Larose Minister for Finance, Trade and Economic Planning
Wallace Cosgrow Minister for Employment, Entrepreneurship Development and Business Innovation

The President reiterated that national unity and reconciliation remain core objectives for the government. He affirmed his commitment to continue working with the National Assembly, civil society, religious groups, the business community and the opposition to create a Seychelles together; where lasting peace, stability, reconciliation and unity reign.

During his address President Faure also highlighted new guidelines and the type of dynamic work approach that the Cabinet will need to adopt with greater emphasis to ensure the Seychellois people remain at the centre of all actions and decisions. Further announcements regarding senior appointments will be announced in the coming week.”

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