President fills more ministerial roles


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has announced more ministerial appointments, this time mostly Assistant Ministers. The list as published on the Executive Mansion website is as follows:

Francis Karpeh Ambassador Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ms. Annette Kiawu Deputy Minister for Research and Policy, Ministry of Gender & Development
Ms. Florence Dukuly Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs
Stephen Neufville Deputy Director, Environmental Protection Agency
Isaac Jackson Deputy Minister for Public Affairs, Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism
Ms. Harriette G. Badio Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Justice
Ms. Rosetta Jackollie Assistant Minister for Labor Standards, Ministry of Labor
Prince Korbah Assistant Minister for Regional Labor Affairs, Ministry of Labor
Mrs. Magdalene Dagoseh Assistant Minister for Planning & Administration, Ministry of Gender
& Development
Amos Tweh Assistant Minister for Urban Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ms. Niki Jah Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Transport
Patrick Mbayo Assistant Minister for Youth Services, Ministry of Youth & Sports
Boakai Jalieba Assistant Minister for Vocational and Technical Education, Ministry of Youth
  & Sports
Murphy Gray Assistant Minister for Sports, Ministry of Youth & Sports
Ms. Joyce Newman Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Youth & Sports
Kadiker Rex Dahn Deputy Minister for Planning, Research and Development, Ministry of Education
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