President in unexpected reshuffle


President Armando Guebuza carried out an unexpected reshuffle of his Cabinet today. The president, who was elected unopposed to remain as leader of the ruling FRELIMO party three weeks ago, has replaced the prime minister, four ministers, one deputy minister and three provincial governors.

The full list of the new Cabinet and provincial governors as published on the SAPO news agency site is as follows:

Armando Emilio Guebuza President
Alberto Clementino Vaquina Prime Minister
Oldemiro Julio Balói Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Aiuba Cuereneia Minister of Planning and Development
Manuel Chang Minister of Finance
José Condungua Pacheco Minister of Agriculture
Armando Inronga Minister of Industry and Commerce
Paulo Zucula Minister of Transport and Communications
Esperança Bias Minister of Mineral Resources
Salvador Namburete Minister of Energy
Cadmiel Muthemba Minister of Public Works and Housing
Victor Borges Minister of Fisheries
Augusto Luís Jone Minister of Education
Alexandre Manguele Minister of Health
Filipe Nyussi Minister of National Defence
Alberto Mondlane Minister of Interior
Carmelita Namashalua Minister of State Administration
Mateus Oscar Kida Minister of Combatants
Carvalho Muaria Minister of Tourism
Fernando Sumbana Júnior Minister of Youth and Sports
Vitória Diogo Minister of the Civil Service
Maria Helena Taipo Minister of Labour
Benvinda Levy Minister of Justice
Luís Augusto Pelembe Minister of Science and Technology
Armando Artur Minister of Culture
Iolanda Cintura Minister of Women and Social Action
Alcinda Abreu Minister of Coordination of Environmental Action
António Fernandes Sumbana Minister of Civil Affairs
Feliciano Gundana Minister of Social Affairs

Provincial Governors

Niassa – David Marizane
Cabo Delgado – Eliseu Machava
Nampula -Cidalia Chauque
Zambézia – Joaquim Veríssimo
Tete – Ratxide Gogo
Manica – Ana Comoana
Sofala – Félix Paulo
Inhambane – Agostinho Trinta
Gaza – Raimundo Diomba
Maputo – Maria Elias Jonas
Maputo City – Lucília Nota Hama

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