President Morales makes changes to his ministries


President Evo Morales has carried out a major reshuffle of his Cabinet, appointing ten new ministers and splitting the energy ministry from the hydrocarbons ministry. He has also removed the autonomous regions and transparency ministries whose roles are now absorbed by other ministries.

The full list of the new Cabinet as published on the presidential website is as follows:

Fernando Huanacuni Mamani Minister of Foreign Affairs
René Martínez Callahuanca Minister of the Presidency
Carlos Romero Bonifaz Minister of Government
Reymy Luis Ferreira Justiniano Minister of Defence
Mariana Prado Noya Minister of Development Planning
Luis Alberto Arce Catacora Minister of Economy and Public Finance
Luis Alberto Sánchez Fernández Minister of Hydrocarbons
Rafael Alarcón Orihuela Minister of Energy
Eugenio Rojas Apaza Minister of Productive Development and Plural Economics
Milton Claros Hinojosa Minister of Public Works Services and Housing
Félix César Navarro Miranda Minister of Mining and Metallurgy
Héctor Enrique Arce Zaconeta Minister of Justice and Institutional Transparency
Héctor Andrés Hinojosa Rodríguez Minister of Labour Employment and Social Welfare
Ariana Campero Nava Minister of Health
Carlos René Ortuño Yañez Minister of Environment and Water
Roberto Iván Aguilar Gómez Minister of Education
César Hugo Cocarico Yana Minister of Rural Development and Lands
Wilma Alanoca Mamani Minister of Cultures and Tourism
Gisela Karina López Rivas Minister of Communication
Tito Rolando Montaño Rivera Minister of Sports

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