President names new government


President Ma Ying-jeou has completed the formation of his new government following the 14th January presidential and legislative election. The new government, listed below, will be sworn in on 6th February.

Sean Chen Prime Minister
Jiang Yi-huah Vice Premier
Lin Yi-shih Secretary-general of the Cabinet
Lee Hong-yuan Minister of the Interior
Christina Liu Minister of Finance
Chiang Wei-ling Minister of Education
Yiin Chii-ming Minister of Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD)
Chen Bao-ji Minister of Council of Agriculture
Lung Ying-tai Minister of Council for Cultural Affairs
Chen Yi-chen Minister of National Youth Commission
Cyrus Chu Minister of National Science Council
Timothy Yang Minister for Foreign Affairs
Kao Hua-chu Minister of Defence
Shih Yen-shiang Minister of Economic Affairs
Tseng Yung-fu Minister of Justice
Mao Chi-kuo Minister of Transport
Wang Ju-hsuan Minister of the Council of Labor Affairs
Chen Chen-Chuan Minister of the Public Works Committee
Lai Shin-yuan Minister of Mainland Affairs Council
Chiu Wen-ta Minister of Health
Stephen Shen Minister of Environmental Protection Administration
Philip Yang Minister of the Government Information Office
Chu Chin-peng Minister for Research, Development and Evaluation Commission
Tai Hsia-ling Minister of Sports Affairs Council
Wu Shiow-ming Fair Trade Commission Chairperson
Sun Ta-chuan Minister of the Council of Indigenous Peoples
Wang Ginn-wang Minister of Coast Guard Administration
Huang Yu-cheng Minister of the Council for Hakka Affairs
Chen Yu-chang Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman
Chang Po-ya Central Election Commission Chairwoman
Su Herng National Communications Commission Chairwoman
Chang Yu-hern Council for Aviation Safety Chairman

Ministers without portfolio:

Kuan Chung-ming
Yang Chiu-hsing
Chang San-cheng
Chern Jenn-chuan
Huang Kuang-nan
Lin Junq-tzer
Chang Jin-fu
Hsueh Cherng-tay
Luo Ying-shay

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