President Nicolás Maduro announces new Cabinet


President Nicolás Maduro has completed the reshuffle of his Cabinet with most commentators expressing disappointment at the limited scope of the changes.

Most newspapers are reporting on the removal of Rafael Ramírez as Oil Minister and President of the PDVSA, the country’s oil company. He has been made Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice President of Political Sovereignty.

Maduro announced the changes in a three hour speech on television which include some changes to Ministries. The Ministries of Food Safety and Sovereignty have been merged as have the Higher Education and Science and Technology. Youth and Sports have been merged and the Ministries of Environment and Housing are renamed Housing, Habitat and Eco-socialism. A total of ten ministers are either new or have been reallocated portfolios.

The full list of Ministers compiled from various sources originally in Spanish is as follows:

Jorge Arreaza Executive Vice-President
Rafael Ramírez Vice President of Political Sovereignty and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Héctor Rodríguez Vice President for Development and Social Mission and Minister of Education
Ricardo Menéndez Vice President of Planning and Knowledge and Minister of
Planning and Knowledge
Rodolfo Marco Torres Vice President of Finance and Minister of Economy and Finance
Asdrúbal Chávez Minister of Petroleum and Mining
Isabel Delgado Minister of Commerce
José David Cabello Minister of Industry
Andrés Izarra Minister of Tourism
Giuseppe Jofreda Minister of Water and Air Transport
Yván Gil Vice President of Security and Food Sovereignty and
Minister of Agriculture and Lands
Elias Jaua Milano Vice President of Development and Territorial Socialism and
Minister of Communities and Social Movements
José Luis Berroterán Minister of Agriculture and Lands
Iván José Bello Minister of Food
Andrés Eloy Méndez Superintendent of Fair Prices
Manuel Fernández Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology
Jheyson Guzmán Deputy Minister of Higher Education
Reinaldo Iturriza Minister of Culture
Antonio Álvarez Minister of Youth and Sports
Victor Clark Deputy Minister of Youth
Aloha Núñez Minister of Indigenous People
Jesus Martinez Ministry of Labour:
Andreina Tarazona Minister of Women
Iris Varela Minister of Correction
Nancy Pérez Minister of Health
Delcy Rodríguez Minister of Communication
Miguel Rodríguez Torres Minister of Home Affairs, Justice and Peace
Carmen Meléndez Minister of Defence
Eulogio Delpino President of PDVSA
Elías Jaua Minister of Municipalities and Social Movements
Ricardo Molina Minister of Housing, Habitat and Eco-socialism
Leonardo Rodríguez Deputy Minister of Housing, Habitat and Eco-socialism
Haiman el Troudi Minister of Land Transport and Public Works
Dante Rivas Minister Single Procedures and Permitting Authority
Jesse Chacón Minister of Electricity

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