President reshuffles and dismisses


President Abdo Rabbuh Mansur Al-Hadi has carried out a limited reshuffle of his Cabinet and removed two key allies of the former president from their security posts.

Minister of Oil Hisham Sharaf has been moved to the post of Minister of Higher Education and his former deputy, Ahmed Abdullah Dariss has been appointed as the new Minister of Oil.

Elsewhere the president acted against allies of the former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Ali al-Anisi, the head of the country’s National Security Force has been removed as has Ali Saleh al-Ahmar the half-brother of the former president who was a senior defence official. Both men have been given posts as Ambassadors within the Foreign Ministry.

The moves came on the same day that twelve people were killed in the capital Sana’a during an assassination attempt on the Minister of Defence Mohammed Nasser Ahmed. The reshuffle shows that the president is continuing to carefully remove the power base of the former president piece by piece.

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