President Rousseff names 13 new Ministers


President Dilma Rousseff has announced the names of 13 new Ministers into her Cabinet.

The names as published on the Presidential website are as follows:

Aldo Rebelo; Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation

Cid Gomes; Minister of Education

Edinho Araújo; Secretariat of Ports

Eduardo Braga; Minister of Mines and Energy

Eliseu Padilha; Secretariat of Civil Aviation

George Hilton; Minister of Sport

Gilberto Kassab; Minister of Cities

Helder Barbalho; Secretariat of Aquaculture and Fisheries

Jacques Wagner; Minister of defence

Kátia Abreu; Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply

Nilma Lino Gomes; Secretariat for the Promotion of Racial Equality

Valdir Simão; Comptroller General

Vinícius Lajes; Minister of Tourism

You can find out more about these Ministers on the Presidential website in Portuguese here.

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