Prime Minister Barrow shuffles after minister resigns


Prime Minister Dean Barrow has announced a Cabinet reshuffle after his Minister of Natural Resources and Attorney General, Vanessa Retreage, resigned from the Cabinet. This is the third reshuffle since November last year.

The changes are as follows:

Dean Barrow; Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Home Affairs and now also Minister of Natural Resources

Michael Peyrefitte; Attorney General

Wilfred Elrington; Minister of Foreign Affairs and now also Minister of Police

Dr. Carla Barnett; Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and now also Minister of State in the Ministry of Natural Resources

The full statement of the prime minister as published on the News 5 website is as follows:

“Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“As from the first of January 2017, the Honorable Michael Peyrefitte will become the new Attorney General of Belize. Now the AG also demits office, also is giving up her position as a senator, so the Honorable Peyrefitte will replace her as well in the Senate of the National Assembly of Belize. With respect to the lands ministry, that will be placed under your humble servant. That will now be joined with the Ministry of Finance. So I will be the new Minister of Lands or Minister of Natural Resources.

Doctor Barnett, who is already the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, will, of course, be the Minister of State in the expanded ministry and, quite frankly, it is Doctor Barnett who will have day-to-day charge of the Lands Ministry. So as not have me end up with a top heavy portfolio and encourage the unkind remarks that a number of you that I can think of would make as a result. The police ministry will now go across to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and again with the same arrangement under which the Honorable Elodio Aragon as the Minister of State will have the de facto leadership of that ministry. He will be in charge of the ministry on a day-to-day basis. I see that already the speculation was rife, was rampant and it strikes me that most of what I have just said people had already cottoned on to.”

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