Prime Minister names Cabinet of ten


Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Saaid has announced his new Cabinet. The list consists of just ten names of whom two are women, including the new Foreign Minister.

The list as published in Jowhar News and information Service is as follows:

Ms. Fowzia Yusuf H. Adan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mohamoud Hassan Suleiman (Awil) Minister of Finance
Abdihakim Mohamoud Haji Fiqi Minister of Defence
Abdikarin Hussein Guuled Minister of Interior and National Security
Abdullahi Ilmoge Hersi Minister of Information and Telecommunications
Abdirizak Omar Mohamed Minister of Natural Resources
Abdullahi Abyan Nur Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs
Ms. Maryan Qasim Minister of Social Services
Mohamoud Ahmed Hassan Minister of Trade and Industries
Muhiyadin Mohamed Kaalmoy Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction

There are a further 10 Deputy Ministers and 5 State Ministers to complete the Council of Ministers.

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