Prime Minister splits National Security Ministry


Prime Minister Dean Barrow has decided to split the Ministry for National Security and to create two ministries, one for the police under Godwin Hulse and the other, the Ministry of Defence, under John Saldivar. Other changes have been made to shuffle various departments around the ministries.

The official press release announcing the changes as published on the government website is as follows:

“Government of Belize Press Office


“The Office of the Prime Minister Announces Changes in the Cabinet

Belmopan. August 1, 2016. The Office of the Prime Minister announces the following Cabinet changes:

The Police, BDF and Coastguard will no longer be housed together under one composite Ministry of National Security. Instead, there will be two separate Ministries – a standalone Ministry of the Police, with responsibility solely for that Department; and a Ministry of Defence, with responsibility for the BDF and Coastguard.

Senator Honourable Godwin Hulse will be the new Minister for the Police, and the Honourable John Saldivar will be Minister of Defence. Senator Hulse will also continue as Minister of Immigration, but will relinquish the Natural Resources portfolio. In his stead, the Honourable Attorney General Vanessa Retreage will additionally become Minister of Natural Resources. This will take place as soon as the Attorney General can be sworn in as a Senator.

The Office of the Prime Minister confirms that, at this time, all other current Ministerial assignments will remain unchanged.

The Prime Minister will host a press briefing today in the NEMO Training Room, Belmopan at 2:00 p.m.


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