Reymi Ferreira is new Defence Minister


Bolivian President Evo Morales has sacked his Defence Minister and apologised to the people of Chile over a stunt which was considered to be in poor taste.

The Defence Minister, Jorge Ledesma, had been delivering 13 tons of water to the people of northern Chile who had been adversely affected by extreme weather with at least 17 people killed. Whilst doing so the Minister wore a jacket which said “The Sea is Bolivia” alluding to a territorial dispute with Chile going back to the 19th Century which has deprived Bolivia of a strip of land leading to the Pacific Ocean.

The President said that it was not the way of the Bolivian people to mix politics with humanitarian aid and immediately sacked the Minister.

The new Defence Minister will be Reymi Ferreira a lawyer and political scientist. He was, until his appointment, the Director of the University Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno (UAGRM). A long-time supporter of the President, he stood last year as the Movement for Socialism (MAS) candidate for the Mayoralty of Santa Cruz but lost. He has also served as Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations and helped to organise the G77 summit held in June 2014 in Santa Cruz.

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