Saad Hariri named Prime Minister


Lebanon’s new President, Michel Aoun, has named former Prime Minister Saad Hariri as the country’s new Prime Minister. The move suggests a change in the politics of Lebanon with President Aoun being an ally of Hezbollah, a Lebanese Shia militant group which is pro-Iran and opposed to Saudi Arabia and which is fighting with the regime in Syria. Meanwhile Saad Hariri leads the March 14 Alliance which is opposed to the Syrian regime and is pro-Saudi Arabia.

Hariri was endorsed by the Lebanese parliament on Thursday by 110 of the 128 members.

Saad Hariri was previously prime minister between November 2009 and June 2011 and is the son of Rafic Hariri who twice served as prime minister of the country and was assassinated on 14th February 2005. Saad Hariri has a major in Business Administration from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University and was involved in his father’s business empire before entering politics. Hariri speaks English, French and Italian as well as his native Arabic.

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