Serbia finally gets a new Cabinet


After several months of negotiations and promises that a new Cabinet would soon be formed, the National Assembly last night voted in favour of a new Cabinet following three days of deliberations.

A total of 134 of the 250 members of the National Assembly supported the motion for the new Cabinet.

The full list of the Cabinet as published on the Serbian government website is as follows and you can find biographical details for each member here:

Ivica Dačić Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior
Veljko Odalović Secretary General
Aleksandar Vučić First Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Defence, Security and the
Fight against Corruption and Crime
Rasim Ljajić Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade
and Telecommunications
Jovan Krkobabić Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Policy
Lazar Krstić Minister of Finance
Ivan Mrkić Minister of Foreign Affairs
Nebojša Rodić Minister of Defence
Igor Mirović Minister of Regional Development and Local Self-Government
Saša Radulović Minister of Economy
Aleksandar Antić Minister of Transport
Velimir Ilić Minister of Construction and Urbanism
Nikola Selaković Minister of Justice and Public Administration
Dragan Glamočić Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Tomislav Jovanović Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development
Slavica Đukić-Dejanović Minister of Health
Zorana Mihajlović Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection
Ivan Tasovac Minister of Culture and Media
Milan Bačević Minister of Natural Resources, Mining and Spatial Planning
Vanja Udovičić Minister of Youth and Sport
Branko Ružić Minister without portfolio responsible for European integration
Aleksandar Vulin Minister without portfolio responsible Kosovo-Metohija
Sulejman Ugljanin Minister without Portfolio

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