Solomon Islands

Six Ministers sacked


Prime Minister, Danny Philip, has fired six cabinet ministers and made seven new appointments. Two of those who were sacked only returned to the government a few months ago, having previously crossed the floor to join the opposition.

The new ministers include four who were themselves opposition members until recently The change is seen by many as a move to reward those MPs who have shown loyalty, but may cause further instability if the sacked ministers decide to cross the floor once more.

The new ministers are as follows:

Moses Garu Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification
Joseph Onika Lands, Housing and Survey
Ricky Houeinipwela Public Service
Clay Forau Soalaoi Police and National Security
Connely Sandakabatu Agriculture and Livestock Development
Andrew Hanaria Keniasia Aviation and Communications
*Dickson Mua Minister for Women, Youth and Children’s Affairs

*He replaces Mr Onika who has been moved to the Ministry of Lands, Housing & Survey.

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