Slovakia has new four party Cabinet


Following the inconclusive general election on 5th March, Prime Minister Robert Fico of the centre-left Direction – Social Democracy (Smer-SD) which dropped 34 seats to take 49 seats in the 150 seat National Council (Národná rada), has managed to gather together three smaller parties to support a Smer-SD led coalition government. The other parties are the far-right Slovak National Party (SNS) with 15 seats, the centre-right Most-Hid (Bridge) with ten seats and the new centrist Network (#SIEŤ) with seven seats.

The new coalition has agreed a 15 strong Cabinet of which SMER-SD holds nine ministries, SNS has three ministries, Most-Hid holds two portfolios and #SIEŤ has one. Where a Cabinet minister is from one party there will be a state secretary (deputy minister) from another party.

How long the new coalition is able to remain intact remains to be seen. Reuters reports that four parliamentarians from two of the parties have already crossed to the opposition in protest at their parties doing a deal with Robert Fico.

The full list of the new Cabinet as published on the presidential website is as follows:

Robert Fico; Prime Minister

Peter Pellegrini; Deputy Prime Minister for Investment

Robert Kaliňák; Minister of Interior

Lucia Žitňanská; Minister of Justice

Peter Žiga; Minister of Economy

Peter Kažimír; Minister of Finance

Roman Brecely; Minister of Transport, Construction and Regional Development

Gabriela Matečná; Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development

Peter Gajdoš; Minister of Defence

Miroslav Lajčák; Minister of Foreign and European Affairs

Ján Richter; Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family

László Solymos; Minister of Environment

Peter Plavčan; Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport

Marek Maďarič; Minister of Culture

Tomáš Drucker; Minister of Health

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