Sports Minister resigns adding more troubles for Dilma


Further trouble for President Dilma Rousseff and her Workers’ Party (PT) led government came yesterday when her Minister of Sport resigned. The Minister of Sport, George Hilton, is from the centre-right Brazilian Republican Party (PRB) which broke away from the government two weeks ago. Hilton stayed on in government as a member of the centre-right Republican Party of the Social Order (PROS) but announced his resignation yesterday and has been replaced by a long standing secretary in the ministry, Ricardo Leyser.

Leyser joined the sports ministry back in 2003 as an advisor and was Executive Secretary for the Pan-American games in 2007. He was also involved in the planning process for the successful Olympic bid. He has degrees in Public Administration and Social Sciences and will now be expected to pick up the arrangements for this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio.

Meanwhile on Wednesday the centrist Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) confirmed that it was leaving the government for the opposition benches. President Rousseff is ‘renegotiating’ the seven vacated positions, left by the PMDB, with smaller parties in the hope that she can build an alliance to stop the impeachment process.

A new opinion poll published yesterday showed that Dilma Rousseff has just 10% support as the political and economic crisis in Brazil deepens.

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