Stalemate as Cabinet is appointed


President Mohamed Waheed has appointed a number of loyalists to the former president, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, as members of his Cabinet, making the ousting of the previous president Mohamed Nasheed look increasingly like a coup. Gayoom served from 1978 to 2008 when he lost the presidential election.

Nasheed resigned several weeks ago as president, but then subsequently said that he had been forced out at gunpoint. He then led a series of mass protests which resulted in an Indian brokered agreement to hold early elections. Following the hijacking of parliament which prevented the new president from addressing the legislature, the agreement was suspended.

Nasheed has sworn that he will not allow parliament to meet until a date for an early election has been agreed.

Meanwhile, the appointments made by President Waheed are as follows:

Abdul Samad Abdulla; Minister for Foreign Affairs
Abdulla Jihad; Minister of Finance
Mohamed Jameel Ahmed; Minister for Home Affairs
Azima Shakoor; Attorney General
Mohamed Nazim; Minister of Defence and National Security
Mohamed Hussain Shareef; Minister for Human Resources, Youth and Sports
Dhunya Maumoon; Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (daughter of the former president).

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