Costa Rica

Technology Minister and Deputy told to resign


President Luis G Solis has asked his Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT), Gisella Kopper, as well as the Deputy Minister Allan Ruiz to resign.

The official press release on the presidential website says that “the President instructed the Minister of the Presidency, Melvin Jiménez, to make inquiries about the causes that led to MICITT to circulate a draft project radio and television law that contradicts the principles of respect for freedom of expression since independence that has characterized Costa Rica.”

The press release repots the President as saying that “today and always we will defend freedom of expression and freedom of the press, because they are fundamental principles of a democracy that is an example in Latin America and the world. We will not allow anything to tarnish those principles.”

“President Solis commended the work done by the two officials, who with excellence have developed other programs that will strengthen science, technology and telecommunications as factors of development and welfare of Costa Rican society.”

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