Transport Minister walks


Belgium’s Federal Transport Minister Jacqueline Galant has resigned her portfolio. The move came after it emerged that there had been criticism of the security at Brussels Airport (Zaventem) at which two terrorists blew themselves up along with more than 30 other people on 23rd March. Ms. Galant is accused of not heeding the advice in the report which came from the European Commission.

Ms. Galant also faced fire from one of her most senior civil servants, the head of the Federal Transport Department, Luc Ledoux, who resigned his post on Thursday. Ledoux is reported as saying “Ms Galant defends specific economic and private interests. Despite all the efforts made, I have reached the conclusion that it is impossible to work with her or her staff. Moreover, she uses Gestapo practices. She wants the names of the leading civil servants that won’t do what she wants without question.”

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