Two ministers replaced


Two ministers have been replaced according to an official notice in the Cuban News Agency (ACN) citing the Granma official communist party organ.

The report states that the Cuban Council of State had agreed to release tow ministers and re-assign them to other duties. The two ministers involved are the Minister of Information and Communications as wel as the Minister of Basic Industry.

The statement as published in ACN is as follows:

The Council of State, at the proposal of its President, agreed to release comrade Medardo Diaz Toledo from his post as minister of Informatics and Communications and promote first deputy minister of this sector, engineer Maimir Mesa Ramos to this office, reads the official note and explains that that Diaz Toledo will return to the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

The Council of State also agreed to release the minister of the Basic Industry, Tomas Benitez Hernandez and appoint engineer Alfredo Lopez Valdes as new minister. Lopez Valdes was first deputy minister of the sector. Benitez Hernandez will be assigned other responsibilities.

No reason for the moves has been given.

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