Valeriu Streleț to become Prime Minister


President Nicolae Timofti signed a decree yesterday nominating Valeriu Streleț for the position of Prime Minister.

Valeriu Streleț, 45, has a degree in history from the Moldova State University and also studied economics at the Faculty of Economics and Law, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. As well as being an academic, teaching political science and history of culture, he was Head of Advertising at the privatisation investment fund CAIS and then Director of “Bioagrochem” SRL and General Director at BIOPROTECT SRL.

Valeriu Streleț was elected a Member of Parliament in 2009 and since May 2011 has been Chairman of the Parliamentary faction of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). He is married with four children and speaks Russian, English and French.

Last week the LDP nominated Maia Sandu for the post of Prime Minister. However she insisted that if she was to take the job she would want the appointment of a US government National Bank and a European public prosecutor to look into the fraud of $1 billion during the election last year (see earlier post). The LDP’s coalition partners, the Democratic Party (PDM) and Liberal Party (PL) refused to accept this and then the name of Valeriu Streleț was agreed by all three parties.

It is likely that a new government will be agreed by parliament on 31st July.

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