Doing business in a foreign country? Planning a visit to evaluate business opportunities or starting a new contract?

The likelihood is that the politics of the country will impact on your work. If you are trying to set up a new business venture or partnership, your work will be affected by regulations, laws and ministerial decrees.

Elections can change policies, new governments can overturn previous decisions, populist ideas may be introduced to gain favour with the voters. All these can have a major impact on the traveller working in the country.

Political Situation Report (PSR) gives you a monthly update on current events throughout the world.

• ‘Political Hotspots’ tells you where instability might lead to rapid change
• ‘Elections’ alerts you to key elections and referenda over the next month
• ‘Elections in’ gives you a guided tour through the last month’s elections – their likely impact and wherever possible a précis of the most important policies in the winning party manifesto
• ‘From the blog’ gives you a summary of the key political events of the month – Cabinet reshuffles, by-elections, important government announcements and deteriorating political situations
• ‘Profiles’ looks at the top people who will influence key policies
• ‘New laws and regulations’ outlines legislation which may have an impact on business.

Your time is valuable, so we avoid lengthy opinionated articles and instead give you the key issues in snappy articles which are relevant, analytical and easy to absorb.

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